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ARxIUM is a leader in the development of advanced pharmacy technology and solutions. Here you have the opportunity to work with the best experts in the pharmacy health systems sector paving the way with innovative automation hardware and software technologies.

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ARxIUM – About our Company & Culture

ARxIUM is a technology firm focused on the digital transformation of pharmacy in healthcare settings around the world. We work with our customers to maximize inventory and workflow efficiency, minimize risk, manage costs and ultimately, improve the quality of patient care. We play an integral role in supporting pharmacies’ transformation as part of the future of healthcare by innovating to drive operational efficiency, so that the time, energy and efforts of healthcare professionals can be focused where it’s needed most – in caring for people.

Our Company has been providing innovative solutions in the pharmacy automation space for over twenty years and currently serves customers in North America, Europe and Asia. We have offices in Winnipeg and the Chicago Area and work remotely in cities across North America and Europe.

In mid-2020, ARxIUM embarked on a company-wide business transformation project to accelerate profitable growth to enable its customers to digitize patient care and achieve the next level of performance with the help of our products. We implemented new systems and processes and developed and brought in new talent to drive transformation in many of our functions, including Sales, Marketing, Operations, Engineering, HR, and Finance, strengthening our operations to better support the growth of ARxIUM.

Company’s values

Our teams reimagined new ways to work at ARxIUM as we advanced and solidified these changes in the new ARxIUM values. We strongly believe the Company’s accelerated growth is delivered by our team members consciously living our Company’s values every day. The ARxIUM Corporate values are:

Teamwork: Leverage our collective genius through collaboration
Growth: Always learn, grow, and share knowledge
Agility: Respond rapidly and flexibly to achieve results
Innovation: Innovate with a purpose to drive customer success
Accountability: Take full ownership for all outcomes
Quality: Deliver outstanding quality in everything we do
• Integrity: Demonstrate integrity in communications and actions

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Job Application Format

As part of the ARxIUM job search process, we require our candidates to submit a resume and cover letter only in a PDF format for the position that they are applying to.


Job Accessibility Assistance

If you are a job seeker and require accessibility assistance or an accommodation to apply for one of our jobs, please submit a request by telephone or via e-mail. For proper assistance, we ask that you please specify the assistance needed. Our dedicated voicemail and e-mail options are reserved only for applicants needing accessibility assistance or an accommodation in order to apply for our open job positions. ARxIUM appreciates your interest in our company and ensures that an ARxIUM member will respond within one business day.

To request an accommodation by telephone, leave a message at 1-888-537-3102
To request an accommodation by e-mail, send a message to

To further implement these policies, ARxIUM, Inc. will continue to:

  1. Base decisions on employment so as to further the principle of equal employment opportunity;
  2. Ensure that promotion decisions are in accordance with the principles of equal employment opportunity by imposing only valid requirements for promotional opportunities;
  3. Ensure that all personnel actions (including but not limited to compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs, return from layoffs, company-sponsored training, education, tuition assistance, social and recreational programs) are administered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, military and/or veteran status, or any other Federal or State legally-protected classes.

Employees and applicants shall not be subjected to harassment, intimidation, threats, coercion, or discrimination because they have engaged in or may engage in any of the following activities:

  1. Filing a complaint;
  2. Assisting or participating in an investigation, compliance evaluation, hearing, or any other activity related to the administration of affirmative action and equal opportunity regulations;
  3. Opposing any act or practice made unlawful by affirmative action and equal opportunity regulations, including Federal, State, and local law; Exercising any other right protected by affirmative action and equal opportunity regulations.

At ARxIUM, the Director of Human Resources has been designated EEO Coordinator and is responsible for compliance with State and Federal equal employment opportunity laws, and for implementing the affirmative action program, including equal employment practices, monitoring, and internal reporting. Applicants believing they have not been treated in accordance with this policy are encouraged to contact Human Resources at 1-888-537-3102, during regular business hours. Applicants wishing to self-identify as a protected veteran or individual with a disability, including voluntarily updating their disability status, or to request a reasonable accommodation necessary for the performance of the essential functions of a job, may do so by calling 1-888-537-3102 or by email at


We provide our associates with unique opportunities to grow professionally while shaping the future of pharmacy practice around the world. We employ associates with expertise in a range of disciplines including customer service, technology, engineering, sales, logistics and clinical practice, among others. ARxIUM offers competitive wages and benefits in a workplace culture that promotes professional development and success.

ARxIUM is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran status, disability status or other characteristics protected by law.