Times are Changing – Using Automated Dispensing Cabinets in Alternate Care Settings

Posted on July 28, 2017

By Jodie Vogt, Product Sales Support

Does this scenario sound familiar to you if you work in an alternate care setting such as long term care, rehabilitation or hospice? It is “Someone’s” job to check the Emergency Medication Tackle Box or a Night Box to make sure that the tear away security lock is still intact. Upon inspection, the security seal has been broken. So, now the saga begins. Was something used? Is the paper work completely and accurately filled out? Is something missing? Are all of the medications in date? Does the sticker on the outside correctly represent the closest expiration date? Is the box even still sitting on the shelf or is the whole box missing? So many questions, processes, procedures and concerns around one little tackle box. How many do you keep track of and where are they? And now, you have to get the medications replaced along with the lock and you did not bring anything with you. Why didn’t you? Because you did not know that anything was used.

Many states have different requirements/regulations surrounding these boxes and what they can contain such as; which type of medications they contain, how many different controlled substances, and how many doses of each medication. This has been common industry practice for many years. Times are changing. Hospitals have utilized Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADC’s) for many years, some for over two decades. Alternate care settings are now expanding into this same way of medication management through utilizing ADC’s. ARxIUM offers the MedSelect™ Flex Automated Dispensing Cabinets as a solution that can change the process of dispensing controlled substances, first doses and/or one time doses of medications within your facility. MedSelect Flex allows nursing staff to retrieve medications as needed, in a controlled environment and is one of the most advanced, easy-to-use automated dispensing cabinets with state-of-the art processing with customizable and modular-driven designs. The MedSelect Flex has a space-saving design and offers a range of modular, scalable units that can be customized to fit within your facility’s available space. Customization is easy since you are able to select the size, features, and configuration that best address the needs of your facility. In addition, the MedSelect Flex hardware is built to last given our solutions’ tradition of durability, reliability, and longevity. The MedSelect Flex user interface makes the dispensing process quick and easy for nurses. The user-friendly interface and secure access allows nurses to sign in, retrieve medications, and sign out in less than 20 seconds. The pharmacy can quickly and accurately know, what was used, by whom, and for which patient. Pharmacy will also easily know what was used, what needs to be restocked, and medications that are about to expire, all through utilizing MedSelect Flex. Your facility will benefit by having the right medication, at the right time to give your patients the best care. MedSelect Flex is the smart, simple, and safe solution.

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