Safety and Capacity: A winning combination with Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Posted on December 4, 2017

By Craig Barton, Pharmacy Consultant

With the demands for decreasing turn-around times for medication administration, pharmacies struggle to provide quick access to medications while safely storing and administering those medications. The good news is; Automated Dispensing Cabinets have helped facilitate this effort for more than 25 years by placing medications closer to nurses and their patients. The bad news is; there is never enough space to safely accommodate the growing number of medications needed.

The “space issue” starts with finding placement for the Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADC’s) hardware in already overcrowded medrooms and nursing stations, and is compounded by the need to continually add additional medications.  MedSelect Flex provides solutions for both of these problems by continuing to provide a unique modular design which allows additional hardware to be added; by placing hardware side by side and/or stacking.And now, for those areas with a unique combination of medication needs, MedSelect Flex introduces the Combined Integrated Tower. This hardware provides maximum flexibility to accommodate large and bulky items, with the ability to also isolate medications in Single Item Access compartments, providing safe and secure storage and dispensing for controlled and non-controlled medications from the same unit.

MedSelect Integrated Tower

MedSelect Integrated Tower


Safety, security, and compliance are at the heart of pharmacy operations and today’s ADC’s help facilitate these operational requirements. These systems provide many features to control access and accuracy by including barcode scanning, providing warnings and clinical comments, and can be configured to require a witness at many levels during the restocking and dispensing process. In addition, true interoperability is essential to successfully manage these objectives and the MedSelect system’s open architecture allows information to seamlessly flow to and from multiple systems in real time. ARxIUM’s MedSelect Flex product is the winning solution for every segment of the pharmacy market, including health systems, long-term care, hospice, and other alternate care environments.

MedSelect Flex is the smart- simple- safe solution.

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