RIVA User Group 2017

Posted on August 31, 2017

By Irene Wasilewski, Application Consultant

ARxIUM recently held its annual RIVA User Group at the ARxIUM  office in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Nineteen hospitals participated in the two-day sessions and discussed maximizing RIVA utilization, RIVA support, regulatory updates and more. Craig Boyce, RPh, one of the Pharmacy Systems Consultants at ARxIUM, organized and led the event.

RIVA User Group 2017

Day One:

Attendees were provided an ARxIUM company update by President and CEO, Dr. Niels Erik Hansen.

The Application Consultants led breakout groups where attendees provided feedback on the challenges of incorporating IV automation.

Scarlett Eckert, Pharm. D, ARxIUM Pharmacy Consultant, provided updates on the latest USP regulatory changes that have just come into effect and those soon to be enforced.

The support team gave a presentation on improvements coming to the ARxIUM service case system and the web-based data reporting many sites use to compile statistics for their RIVA usage.

Craig Boyce and Alex Reinhardt, ARxIUM Application Consultant, reviewed examples of current RIVA usage and methods for maximizing usage.

RIVA users capped off the first day with a dinner hosted by the ARxIUM executive team.

Day Two:

The day began with another breakout session where the attendees provided feedback on features they would like to see added to RIVA in the future.

Mpho Begin, ARxIUM Supervisor, Customer Support, provided an update on what features will be coming with the next software release.

Chris Donaghey, ARxIUM Supervisor, Implementation and Field Service, gave an overview of optimizing the use of the Field Support Representative (FSR) to work in partnership with the pharmacy to achieve the pharmacy’s goals while keeping RIVA in its best working condition.

Craig Boyce discussed developing stability, sterility and process validation programs utilizing RIVA.

Thom Doherty, ARxIUM Executive Vice President, Quality, Process Improvement & Strategic Planning, provided an overview of the new IV automation developments ARxIUM will be releasing in the coming years.

Lastly, a fun night of bocce bowling was shared by all..


ARxIUM would like to thank all the representatives that participated in making this year’s RIVA User Group one of the best yet. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year and welcoming new RIVA customers for the 2018 meeting.

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