Putting the “R” in RIVA

Posted on July 24, 2014

By Cornel Van Egmond MSEE, C.I.M.

Although RIVA is made up of many different parts that act in harmony with one another, the robot at the center of RIVA always garners the most attention.  Whether you have seen RIVA for the first time or the 100th time, there is something fascinating about watching the robot relentlessly fulfil its tasks with speed and precision.

Putting R in RIVA

The robot within RIVA is a 6-axis robot, meaning that is has six individual movable joints that allow the robot to perform pretzel twisting moves with speed and efficiency.  It does this while keeping consumable products it is holding, such as syringe or bags, properly oriented and moving with a smooth fluid motion.  Additionally, the robot can carry and place items that vary widely in size and weight with repeatable accuracy of less than a ½ mm.  This is critical when performing such operations such as penetrating a bag port with a needle or properly placing a cap on a syringe.

As with many high performance devices, there are often concepts and terminology associated with the device.  Although there is no need for you to understand this terminology in order to use RIVA, you will likely hear about a few concepts related to the robot.

The first one will likely be the need to “teach” or “train” the robot.  The teaching process is performed by IHS during the initial installation of RIVA in your facility.  It involves literally teaching or showing the robot where certain drop-off stations such as a weigh scale or barcode reader are within RIVA.  Once the robot is taught where to go, it will always go back to the same point with speed and accuracy.

Another term you may hear about is the robot “transform”.  A transform is essentially a set of predefined robot arm movements that the robot will make as it moves from one station to another.  Using transforms ensures the robot will always take a safe path between different stations within RIVA without the risk of a collision or damage. These are just a few concepts related to RIVA’s robot that ensure that RIVA provides you with the safe and accurate doses.

So, as you enjoy watching RIVA operate you will see that the robot definitely puts the “R” in RIVA.

Cornel Van Egmond is the Manager of Current Products group at Intelligent Hospital Systems, designer and manufacturer of RIVA a Fully Automated IV Compounding System

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