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ARxIUM offers the RxWorks Pro software system to improve the safety, productivity and overall efficiency of your pharmacy. This scalable pharmacy software solution streamlines the functionality of your health system, improving each segment along the way, including inventory management, inventory replenishment, packaging, storage, accounting/transactions and beyond.

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Pharmacy Inventory Management Software

RxWorks Pro: Fully-Integrated Software to Streamline Pharmacy Operations

RxWorks™ Pro software allows your health system pharmacy to implement a system of integrated tools to manage both the business of the pharmacy and automate inventory management functions. Whether the pharmacy uses a primary supplier or many suppliers, this software system automates the purchasing, receiving and invoicing processes to maintain accurate, real-time pharmaceutical inventory and help buyers make more informed data-driven decisions.

Managing the Complex Health System Environment

With all of the consolidation and centralization trends, the health system landscape can be quite difficult to navigate without the right resources at hand, but RxWorks Pro brings it all together in an easily digestible fashion. The interoperability of the software manages disparate data sources, multiple vendors, inventory stocking points, the large numbers of suppliers and the challenges of automated equipment to both streamline the entire operation and provide high-quality perpetual inventory.

RxWorks Pro is capable of thriving in a centralized inventory environment. Intranet ordering provides easy access to replenishment for pharmacies, granting that health system stronger purchasing power.

Complete Workflow Optimization

RxWorks Pro Workflow is an integrated software solution, primarily used in hospital inpatient pharmacies. This additional integration provides a dependable, repeatable process for dispensing and checking prescription orders in the pharmacy.

Coupled with Inventory Management, This Module Provides the Following:

  • Enhanced patient safety through barcode scanning & image verification
  • Routing orders that need to be supplied from manual pick locations
  • Real-time, on-screen order status
  • Pharmacist check station for order verification
  • Tracking of orders through delivery

For more information regarding our Pharmacy Inventory Management Solutions, RxWorks Pro Software or the RxWorks Pro Workflow integration, contact ARxIUM today.

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