High Volume

High Volume Prescription Dispensing & Fulfillment Automation

Whether your medical facility needs to process 1,000 or 100,000 prescriptions per day, ARxIUM can design a custom-tailored, high-volume pharmacy automation solution for you.
Learn How OPTIFILL Can Help Your Pharmacy

High Volume Prescription Dispensing & Fulfillment Automation

OptiFill Automated Dispensing System & PPS

Our primary high volume solution, OptiFill™, processes more than 200 million prescriptions each year. While OptiFill hardware is a key component, the real genius behind your custom solution is our proprietary software. Known as PPS, it serves as “the brain” of any OptiFill system configuration, directing workflow through the system. PPS is the only scalable solution on the market with the flexibility to optimize both current volume demands and future growth.

The Power of the PPS Management System

When integrated with the OptiFill hardware, the PPS software can automate the following tasks with the utmost accuracy, precision and reliability:

  • Barcode validation
  • Automated oral solid filling
  • Manual filling
  • Reporting
  • Packing & inventory control
  • Checking
  • Complete order control & reporting

Tailored to Meet the Unique Needs of Your Medical Facility

High volume pharmacy fulfillment solutions from ARxIUM are primarily custom-designed for the following settings and environments:

  • Hospitals
  • Long-term care facilities (nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, inpatient behavioral health facilities, etc.)
  • Retail pharmacy divisions
  • Government pharmacies

Do you have questions regarding the OptiFill high volume dispensing system or the proprietary PPS management software? Get in touch with ARxIUM today and we can answer your questions and provide detailed pricing information.