Pharmaceutical Carousels for Vertical Storage

ARxIUM offers the FastFind™ Pharmacy Carousel to help increase the overall effectiveness of your pharmacy’s inventory management system. This heavy-duty, automated pharmacy retrieval system is designed to maximize medication storage, improve dispensing speeds, help decrease human error and provide a dependable inventory management solution for pharmacies.

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FastFind Carousel: Your Automated Carousel Storage Solution

The FastFind Carousel uses the pharmacy’s available vertical height to increase the number of stock keeping units (SKUs) stored in the same footprint by up to 60%. The carousel concept allows technicians to retrieve medications from a single location and the ergonomic design minimizes bending and reaching by picking from waist height, saving both time and frustration during the fulfillment process.

Increased Safety, Decreased Stress

This vertical storage system enables the right inventory at the right place and time, but also allows staff members to focus on core patient care duties instead of tedious fulfillment tasks. The FastFind Carousel also employs the following features:

  • Barcode scanning, pick-to-light technology & drug image database to enhance the safety of dispensing operations
  • Batch processing & grouping by shelves at carousels to speed up cabinet replenishment times
  • The creation of a repeatable, dependable process to enhance the pharmacy’s service level

Seamless RxWorks Integration, Long-Term Reliability

Driven by the RxWorks platform, the FastFind Carousel employs complete pharmacy inventory management for all items stored in the carousel. That includes the ability to generate purchase orders directly from the carousel when inventory is running low. The redundancy offered by the dual-motor design and high gauge steel frame make the FastFind Carousel the most reliable and durable carousel in its class.

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