Pharmacy 4.0

Connecting All Pharmacy Systems to Create One Seamless Solution

ARxIUM recognizes that Pharmacy has evolved over the years in three main ways: from clinical pharmacy to central production and then to Automation – which is where we are today. So we asked ourselves: where is the industry going next? With the increasing demand for prescriptions, rising costs and pressures to deliver on time, we acknowledged pharmacies are making industry-like advances to keep up. So, we turned to the manufacturing/industry to see if there were any “best or next” practices we could adopt to usher Pharmacy into the next evolution.

What we learned was that industry has evolved in a similar way, but they have taken it to the next level with an approach called “Industry 4.0,” hence the basis of ARxIUM’s approach, called “Pharmacy 4.0.” With this technique, we are able to blend deep pharmacy data and the manufacturing model to create a seamless, streamlined pharmacy solution.

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The Key Benefits of Pharmacy 4.0:

  • Higher output
  • Increased safety
  • Higher quality
  • Better use of resources
  • Lower costs
  • Flexible production
  • Less waste

Streamlining the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

In parallel, pharmacies have been centralizing and consolidating operations, experiencing higher medication volume demands and/or implementing leading-edge solutions to serve as competitive differentiators. These activities have changed pharmacy operations and, in many cases, pharmacies are becoming more of a supply chain type of operation – and our view of the pharmacy aligns nicely with that trend.

Taking Advantage of Technological Innovations & Manufacturing Models to Feed a Growing Need

With the increases in complexity and production demands for the pharmacy, there is a need for new business models, processes and innovations. ARxIUM is heavily inspired by advances in the manufacturing industry – especially the development activities in the industry that have been going from Industry 1.0 to 2.0, to 3.0 to 4.0, where the convergence of technology and emergence of innovation help the industry improve overall efficiency and quality. Click here to learn more about Industry 4.0

Pharmacy 4.0: ARxIUM is Ahead of the Game

As this movement develops, the trends will accelerate and spread into areas, like pharmacy, that requires the invention of new products and services to tackle today’s most difficult problems. Innovation will become a more important part of the pharmacy value chain. We have developed Pharmacy 4.0, the strategic foundation for ARxIUM, to lead the way in innovative pharmacy solutions.

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