Executive Leadership

Meet the ARxIUM Leadership Team

ARxIUM’s corporate team has over 100 years in combined leadership experience. Review our biographies for our executive leaders who lead our management.

Niels Erik Hansen; M.Sc., Ph.D.

President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Hansen brings more than 30 years of technology engineering and production experience to ARxIUM’s front office. Additionally, Dr. Hansen has 20 years of experience leading global businesses in the areas of motion control, fluid management, and environmental engineering. Before leading ARxIUM, Dr. Hansen was the co-founder and CEO of Valhalla Management, a management and investment company in Winnipeg, Canada. From 1993-2003, Dr. Hansen served in leadership positions for multiple technology manufacturing companies including: Vansco Electronics LP, Sauer-Danfoss Inc., and Danfoss Fluid Power A/S.

Dr. Hansen holds a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, a Ph. D. in control engineering from Technical University of Denmark, a graduate of the Senior Executive Program from the London Business School, and is fluent in four languages.

Thomas Doherty

Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Doherty has over 30 years of experience developing medical devices, aerospace applications for aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites, and naval command and control systems in a variety of platforms. Before his position at ARxIUM he worked for almost 20 years developing technology, software, and IT applications with various organizations including: Bristol Aerospace, Aircraft Engineering and Avionics Group, and Unisys Defense Products Group.

Mr. Doherty is the co-inventor of 12 patents for technologies deployed in RIVA, a fully-automated IV compounding system for pharmacies. He is a published author and academic research consultant and received his degree in computer science from Red River College. Additionally, he held advisor positions at the University of Toronto and the University of Manitoba.

Randy Howorth; C.P.H.R.

Executive Vice President: Human Resources

Mr. Howorth has over 20 years of experience in high tech design and manufacturing companies. Prior to his position at ARxIUM he served as the senior vice president of human resources at Vansco Electronics LP. Mr. Howorth graduated from Red River College with a degree in business administration and telecommunications technology and from the University of Manitoba with a degree in human resources management. He is also certified as a humans resource professional from the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations.

Olivier Martin; M.Sc.

Executive Vice President: Sales & Marketing

Mr. Martin has over 20 years of experience in business development and sales & operations after working in Europe and North America in various fields of health care, supply chain, and pharmacy automation. He has helped dozens of health care institutions design safer medication management systems through the use of advanced robotic technology and process re-engineering. Before joining ARxIUM he held various business development and senior management positions with McKesson Canada and AmerisourceBergen Canada. Mr. Martin holds a M.Sc. in decision sciences and operations management from the John Molson School of Business in Montreal.