Knowledge Transfer

Posted on October 4, 2017

By Nancy Ulrich, Training Specialist

Did you know that the best way to learn something is to teach it?

When you teach something and say the words out loud, you hear it and your brain connects the dots.

This leads to the question of how do you make sure the knowledge you learn in an ARxIUM training class is transferred to other people in your pharmacy? Teach it!

You can spend time working with your new automation, and then you should transfer that knowledge to others. You can train others in a way that is similar to the way you learned it in our training class.

Remember how you stood back and watched others in the class running the device? Do you remember how the trainees standing back and watching could always tell the person running the device where to go next and what buttons to press?  Teaching someone else how to run the automation is the same concept. Stand back and let them press the buttons and work with the software – under your watch, of course. Do this until they become as proficient as you are.

A secondary requirement for learning is practice. Running the automation should not just be a two or three week a year job. To be truly effective in running the automation, each person must run it regularly.

Why is it so important to train others to run that automation? Won’t it jeopardize your job? Of course it won’t. It will allow you to take vacation or sick time without worrying if the pharmacy is still running. It also allows you the time to learn other things to become even more valuable in your position.

To help you transfer the knowledge you learned at ARxIUM, we provide hardware and software manuals, participant guides and quick reference materials. There are cleaning logs for most of our devices, so it’s clear how and when to perform the cleaning procedures and it’s easy to teach others.

So go ahead and transfer some knowledge, your colleagues will thank you and you’ll be glad you did it when you want to book that next vacation.

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