Intelligent Hospital Systems Partners with Dokuz Eylül University Hospital in Turkey to Develop Total Dose Solution

Posted on January 8, 2013

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Intelligent Hospital Systems Partners with Dokuz Eylül University Hospital in Turkey to Develop Total Dose Solution
Pioneering collaboration leverages IH Systems’ pharmacy practice expertise as company expands into new global markets
(WINNIPEG, Manitoba – Jan. 8, 2013) – Intelligent Hospital Systems (IH Systems), maker of the RIVA automated IV compounding system, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Dokuz Eylül University Hospital in Izmir, Turkey, to develop a total dose solution (TDS) for medication preparation and delivery at the 1000-bed hospital.
The pioneering collaboration is believed to be the first time a pharmacy technology provider such as IH Systems has partnered with a hospital to develop a comprehensive pharmacy and dosing solution, and also represents IH Systems’ expansion into the European market.
“This partnership not only underscores the increasing importance of automation in pharmacy practice, but allows Dokuz Eylül University Hospital to leverage IH Systems’ unique expertise and thought leadership to implement a custom-designed dose solution,” said Dr. Niels Erik Hansen, CEO of IH Systems. “We expect that the hospital will realize significant cost savings, enhance patient safety and increase the efficiency of medication preparation and delivery.”
The first phase of the partnership, an end-to-end assessment of current pharmacy utilization and workflow at the hospital – from physician orders to delivery of medications to patients – took place in November. Working onsite in Turkey, pharmacy practice experts from IH Systems will use the data to develop a phased plan to improve the medication delivery process and develop a TDS for the hospital.
IH Systems’ RIVA is regarded as one of the leading pharmacy automation systems in the world. The machine allows hospital pharmacies to lower the cost-per-dose of medication while greatly enhancing patient safety by eliminating preparation errors. Since its introduction in 2008, RIVA systems globally have prepared more than 1 million medication doses safely and accurately.
Although the majority of installed RIVA systems are located in the United States and Canada, units also have been installed in Australia by a company that uses them to manufacture medications. IH Systems’ move into Europe demonstrates the global reputation RIVA is achieving while also allowing the company to create a platform for delivering full-scale pharmacy practice solutions built around the technology.
“Our RIVA technology has proven to be essential to medication and patient safety, but we recognize that technology is only one component of an efficient pharmacy workflow that also includes supplies, personnel and relationships with other areas of the hospital,” Dr. Hansen added. “We are very gratified to be able to use our expertise in a much broader endeavor such as a total dose solution, while also expanding our presence in new global markets.”
About Intelligent Hospital Systems
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