Intelligent Hospital Systems and Cato Software Solutions to Provide One Standard of Care

Posted on December 5, 2012

Industry-leading automated IV compounding system to integrate with leading chemo
drug management suite for complete compounding system solution

(WINNIPEG, Manitoba – Dec. 5, 2012) – Intelligent Hospital Systems (IH Systems) and Cato
Software Solutions (Cato) have agreed to collaborate on integrating IH Systems’ fully automated
RIVA IV compounding system and Cato’s class-leading Chemocato chemotherapy and
hazardous drug medication management suite into a complete solution for the worldwide

“Cato’s Chemocato software will allow direct management of all IV doses prepared in the
hospital pharmacy,” said Christian Hanke, managing director of Cato. “In addition to ensuring
the highest possible safety standards and completely traceable documentation for manual
compounding, the software will assist pharmacists in managing and scheduling IV production
activities within the pharmacy.”

Although the software is designed to handle the preparation of generally more complex
chemotherapy admixtures, “Chemocato can also handle non-hazardous preparations and
provide the pharmacist with a wide variety of reports and statistics,” Hanke added.
The integration of Chemocato and RIVA will allow IH Systems to provide a complete system
solution for the preparation of all IVs in the hospital pharmacy setting. With RIVA and
Chemocato managing all pharmacy compounding, there will no longer be a difference in the
standard of care between RIVA and manually prepared doses; the safety benefits of fully
documented, gravimetric-based production will be available for all preparations.

“Safety reduces costs, and the integration of RIVA and Chemocato will provide hospitals with a
very high ‘safety dividend’ that is unique and invaluable,” said Dr. Niels Erik Hansen, president
and CEO of Intelligent Hospital Systems. “Chemocato’s scheduling capabilities will provide a
new level of production planning ability to pharmacy staff, will automatically allocate work to
RIVA(s) and manual hoods, and schedule all work in an efficient manner. This will result in less
waste and further reduce costs.”


About Intelligent Hospital Systems

Founded in 2006, Intelligent Hospital Systems (IH Systems) is a medical device company focused on the
design and development of automated solutions for the hospital environment. Based in Winnipeg,
Manitoba, IH Systems manufactures RIVA, a fully automated IV compounding system that prepares
medications for syringes and IV bags in an aseptic environment. Using RIVA, hospitals enhance patient
safety, lower the cost-per-dose of medications, reduce their vulnerability to medication shortages and cut
waste. For more information, visit
About Cato Software Solutions
Founded in 1996, Cato Software Solutions (Cato) is a medical software development company based in
Vienna, Austria with a US subsidiary Chemocato LLC in New York, NY. Cato offers the unique workflow
solution Chemocato® (in Europe cato®) that supports physicians, pharmacists, and nurses in planning,
validating, compounding, and administering chemotherapies and other patient-individual medications.
Chemocato® offers unsurpassed safety and precision in the compounding process by utilizing bar coding
for product and patient identification and an electronic scale in the safety cabinet. The software is used by
approximately 170 customers in Europe and the US.

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