Scalability, efficiency and cost control are the key values of our line of vial-filling solutions designed for community and outpatient pharmacies. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated robotic dispensing device or simply a better way to manage your fast-moving medications, our FastFill™ line can accommodate any script volume.

FastFill™ 220 is designed for pharmacies filling 500 to 1,000+ prescriptions per day. With 220 factory-calibrated canisters and two robotic arms to complete the direct filling process, the FastFill 220 can dispense at a high rate of production while eliminating the risk of cross contamination. Like its smaller counterpart, this solution utilizes barcode scanning for both the replenishment process and pharmacist order checking.

FastFill™ 54 is a compact, expandable, smart solution that houses up to 54 oral solids and utilizes direct fill technology via dedicated chutes for each medication. FastFill 54 is compatible with all vial types and fills an average of one script every five seconds. In addition, up to five devices can be connected to accommodate increased script volumes over time.