What is Pharmacy 4.0?

Pharmacy 4.0 is an approach that improves quality, flexibility, speed, and productivity of the pharmacy production process. The “4.0” represents the fourth evolution of pharmacy and is derived from the “Industry 4.0” concept which is widely-accepted in manufacturing and mass production industries. Essentially, Pharmacy 4.0 utilizes Cyber Physical Systems to automate complex tasks along the pharmacy value chain.

For several years ARxIUM has been working on this initiative as part of an international collaboration with customers, academia and partners to refine the Total Dose Solution concept resulting in the Pharmacy 4.0 program. In parallel, health system and retail pharmacies have been centralizing and consolidating operations, experiencing higher medication volume demands and/or implementing leading edge solutions to serve as competitive differentiators. These activities have changed pharmacy operations and in many cases pharmacies are becoming more of a supply chain type of operation, and our view of the pharmacy aligns nicely with that trend.

With the increases in complexity and production demands for the pharmacy there is a need for new business models, processes, and innovations.  In all of this, we are heavily inspired by what is going on in the manufacturing industry, especially the development activities in the industry that have been going from Industry 1.0 to 2.0, to 3.0 to 4.0, where the convergence of technology and emergence of innovation are helping industry to become more efficient, improve quality, and increase agility.  As this kind of movement develops, the trends are will accelerating and spreading into areas like the Pharmacy which requires invention of new products and services, including new ways of tackling today’s most difficult problems and becoming a more important part of the pharmacy value chain.  ARxIUM has developed this into Pharmacy 4.0 – the strategic foundation for ARxIUM to lead the way in innovative pharmacy solutions.


Key benefits of Pharmacy 4.0:

  • Higher output
  • Increased safety
  • Higher quality
  • Better use of resources
  • Lower costs
  • Flexible production
  • Less waste

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ARxIUM takes great pride in our disciplined process of assessing your business objectives, designing a solution that fits your needs, executing flawless implementation and delivering exceptional service post-installation. Contact us today to learn how our Pharmacy 4.0 approach can advance your clinical, operational and financial performance.