With more than 70 combined years of pharmacy experience, our consultants are some of the most sought after experts in the industry. ARxIUM consultants help customers develop, implement and manage automated technologies and other pharmacy solutions to meet regulatory requirements and optimize safety, efficiency and productivity of aseptic compounding.


Craig A. Boyce, R.Ph.

In a career spanning more than 25 years, Craig has practiced across the entire pharmacy spectrum. His pharmacy experience includes retail, home infusion, industry, small and large hospitals, and multi-facility management. As the industry moved from paper-based to electronic processes, he introduced automation and innovation to many pharmacy practices.

Since 2001, Craig has focused on pharmacy informatics as a consultant and pharmacy IT manager, and expert resource in automated IV compounding, cleanroom design and regulatory compliance for aseptic compounding. He has participated in both formal and practical training in quality by design, sterility testing, cleaning/disinfection and environmental monitoring. Additionally, he has been a leader in the design and management of centralized pharmacy compounding and distribution centers, including high speed automated packaging, dispensing carousels and the RIVA automated IV compounding system.

Craig has held multiple pharmacy practice and management positions with Owen Healthcare, including district manager of the mid-Atlantic region, and served as a consultant and pharmacy informatics manager for 10 years at Mission Hospitals in Asheville, North Carolina.

Currently, as a pharmacy consultant with ARxIUM, he is responsible for ensuring pharmacy processes are engineered to meet customers’ current needs and future goals.


Scarlett Eckert, Pharm.D.

Dr. Eckert has more than 30 years of pharmacy experience with 20 years in hospital administration. She is a graduate of University of the Pacific (UOP), where she specialized in clinical pharmacy and hospital management.

She is experienced in many aspects of pharmacy practice in a variety of environments, including community retail, home infusion, LTC, nuclear medicine and hospital pharmacies ranging from small community facilities to large multi-site systems. She has designed, implemented and managed new pharmacies for a number of hospitals, including the University of California, San Francisco’s (UCSF) centralized-fill robotic production and distribution pharmacy. At UCSF, she implemented and managed high speed automated packaging and picking robots, automated dispensing and inventory control systems, and three RIVA automated IV compounding systems, among other pharmacy solutions.

Currently, as a pharmacy consultant with ARxIUM, Dr. Eckert works in facility design, construction, operational needs and implementation of pharmacy automation.


Beth Richter, Pharm.D.

Dr. Richter has more than 15 years' experience practicing pharmacy in health systems and long-term care facilities and earned her Pharm.D. from the University of Georgia. She has served as a clinical pharmacist for Mount Carmel Medical Center and Kindred Pharmacy Services in Columbus, Ohio, and pharmacy director at Forum Extended Care Services in Skokie, Illinois.

Currently, as a pharmacy consultant with ARxIUM, Dr. Richter is responsible for clinical support, configuration and design of pharmacy automation and workflow solutions. She also performs pharmacy consulting around operational efficiencies, workflow optimization and automation systems.