The FastPak™ line of packaging solutions is designed to provide scalable options for virtually any facility that has a need for packaging unit dose and/or multi-dose orders.

FastPak™ Elite is the newest innovation in solid oral medication pouch packaging from ARxIUM for retail, long-term care and hospital pharmacies. This premium packager offers unparalleled versatility and modular configuration providing limitless formulary capabilities. Featuring 100% smart canisters, which can be placed anywhere in the device, the FastPak Elite enables you to automate up to 100% of your oral solid medications.

In addition, the dynamic bag sizing function selects the correct pouch size based on contents being packaged, which provides significant savings on consumables. Innovative printing capabilities allow for inclusion of graphics and specific dosing instructions to improve adherence. Lastly, the FastPak Elite features half tablet canisters, which automates splitting of pills and tablets, increasing accuracy for half tablet dispensing and saving your pharmacy staff valuable time.

RxWorks Bubble - caption2FastPak™ EXP accommodates any pharmacy’s oral solid dispensing needs and is ideal for pharmacies serving multiple facilities or that need the safety of canister dispensing for more than 320 medications. FastPak EXP features a swappable lower packaging unit, which enables you to switch between wide and narrow packaging depending on your dispensing needs. This feature allows you to easily switch between standard width for traditional unit dose and multi-dose packaging, and narrow width for automated dispensing cabinet replenishment or 30-day boxes. Innovative smart canisters are optional and can be interchanged quickly.

The FastPak EXP automatically detects smart canisters’ contents and updates the medication database, regardless of where the canister is placed inside a designated smart drawer. Easily integrated using RxWorks, or as a stand-alone unit, FastPak EXP fosters compliance and convenience with package labeling that includes drug name, strength and description, and if desired, patient name and administration time.

RxWorks Bubble - caption2FastPak™ Verify is a pouch verification solution designed to work with FastPak automated packaging systems. This new tool improves the efficiency of the pharmacy by automating the verification process of packaged oral solids by analyzing the quantity, shape and color of every pill in a package to ensure it matches the expected prescription for a given patient.

This compact system is designed to save time associated with the packaging and verification process, allowing for growth without adding resources or compromising quality. The FastPak Verify enables an enhanced auditing system, as it captures a visual record of each medication/pouch that it verifies.

FastPak™ TableTop can be your primary unit dose packaging system, a complementary addition to another unit dose system, or a readily available backup solution. The horizontal operation virtually eliminates pill crushing and gel cap melting that is common with competing vertical-feed systems. The small footprint allows the systems to be placed in any location with no remodeling or disruption. The ability to add barcodes enables pharmacies to implement bedside barcode verification for medication administration.