RxWorks Bubble - caption2RxWorks™ Pro Inventory
RxWorks™ Pro software allows the health system pharmacy to implement a system of integrated tools to manage the business of the pharmacy and automate inventory functions.


Managing a Complex Environment
The health system is a complex web of systems. RxWorks Pro manages the disparate data sources, multiple vendors, many inventory stocking points, high numbers of suppliers and the challenges of automated equipment to streamline the operation and provide high quality perpetual inventory.

Supporting Consolidation
Today, health system pharmacy is challenged with consolidation of hospitals where duplicate inventory management operations are costly to maintain. RxWorks Pro is uniquely capable of thriving in a centralized inventory environment and can support the hub and spokes with ease. Intranet ordering provides easy access to replenishment for clinics and other hospitals and the health system can take advantage of better purchasing power.

Automating the Purchasing Process
Whether the pharmacy uses a primary supplier or many suppliers, RxWorks Pro is intended to provide automation to the purchasing, receiving and invoicing process. The goal is to streamline the steps necessary to maintain accurate, real-time inventory and help buyers make informed, data-driven decisions.