Al-Essa Medical and Scientific Equipment Co.

Kuwait (the "Territory")
Al-Essa has long proven experience in introducing cutting-edge healthcare equipment and solutions from world-class manufacturers. Diverse capabilities in marketing, sales, application support and service of a wide and comprehensive range of medical equipment and consumables for healthcare facilities, rehabilitation and wellness, makes Al-Essa a leading solution provider. Al-Essa delivers total solutions to clients in various sectors belonging to both private and public institutions, in Kuwait.

Focused on improving quality of life through rehabilitation expertise and offering solutions on a turnkey basis by combining local project management and project support expertise with international technology partners.

Daeiltech Co. Ltd.

South Korea
Since Daeiltech was established in 1983, they have supplied many kinds of solutions from various manufacturers to improve health care facilities in Korea. There customer focus has been mainly hospital pharmacies. The main products supplied include automated IV compounding systems from Intelligent Hospital Systems, pharmaceutical refrigerators/freezers from Panasonic, biological safety cabinets from Baker, and much more. Daeiltech will continuously endeavor to make a better healthcare environment.

Dose Innovations

Australia and New Zealand
Dose Innovations Pty Ltd. is an Australian owned and operated company, successfully providing specialist software, technology and robotic machinery to the healthcare industry since 2000. With a primary focus on contributing to sustainable healthcare delivery and advance leading edge automation solutions that work best for their customers; allowing pharmacies to remain competitive and sustainable into the future despite industry challenges. Dose Innovations regards their customers as being at the heart of the organization and is focused on build lasting relationships with customers by providing products and services that meet their needs, with a level of customer service that exceeds their expectations.

EuroMed Technologies

Hong Kong and Macau
EuroMed Technologies Co., Ltd. targets the hi-end, prestige, and niche medical equipment market in Hong Kong and SE Asian countries. Established in Hong Kong and offering a one-stop solution to customers by supplying a wide range of equipment and systems for hospitals, clinics, medical/healthcare centers, and laboratories. EuroMed Technologies represents world leaders in hospital automation, medical laboratory equipment, diagnostic apparatus and systems, and personal healthcare devices.

Motion Corp


Motion Corp. has more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of integrated logistics solutions and hospital safety solutions nationally and internationally.

Nevo Medical

Israel and the Palestine Authority

In addition to being a distributor of RIVA, Nevo Medical is a licensed representative for sales and service in Israel of Siemens Ultrasound and Mobile X-ray and C-arm X-ray products. On top of distribution, marketing and sales, the company provides high quality service and training for its diverse customer base in the medical and healthcare arenas.

The financially stable company possesses the best-in-class resources to manage administrative, legal, insurance and accounting procedures in a smooth and professional way. Nevo utilizes its resources to best please its partners and customers and maintain its first-rate reputation.

Silver Wing


Silver Wing Intelligent Solutions Medical Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd and their affiliates in China provide all aspects of logistics and storage automation solutions for hospitals. Silver Wing plays the leading role in the professional logistics and storage automation field, with integration of representative and advanced products aiming to provide guidance standards for hospitals’ refined management and customize consummate application solutions. Their ultimate goal is to achieve the world top level “Complete Hospital Logistics and Storage Automation Solutions” to meet the specific needs of high-ranking hospitals.

TaPestle Rx


TaPestle Rx (Member of Esco Group of Companies) is a pioneer in automation-centered architecture, in which the process workflow defines the design to provide workspaces that minimize human movement, waste and allow a medical workflow to be carried out in an efficient manner. TaPestle RX is built on the legacy of two pharmacists whose oath is to consider the welfare of humanity and the relief of human suffering. Their primary concern is always fundamental in shaping the vision of elevating healthcare by providing access to life sciences tools in developing countries.

Thanes Science

The Kingdom of Thailand
Thanes Science Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company under Thanes Group, a well-known group, distributing leading brands in scientific, dental, medical lines and pharmacy automation systems in Thailand. Thanes Science's main business focus is in hospital pharmacy automation, specialized laboratory instrument, animal research and biomedical waste disposal system. Thanes Science is committed to bringing technological advancements, with the main goal of providing customers with a safe, sophisticated and effective way to give a positive approach and treatment result to their patients.

Virtus Trading LLC

United Arab Emirates (the “Territory”)
The Virtus Group was established in 2005 in response to a growing demand in the market for technological products and solutions. They place high importance on ensuring their solutions add value to the customer's business and have a mutually beneficial relationship with stakeholders.

Continuously evolving as a provider of innovative products and services, the business foundation is based on management best practices, use of best in class technology, tailor made systems, clear policies and tapping the human potential to achieve ever greater heights.

Wael Pharmacy Co W.L.L.

Founded in 1966, Manama-based Wael Pharmacy is the country’s leading supplier of best in pharmaceutical and health products, medical and lab equipment and surgical and medical disposables to Bahrain’s government, public/private hospitals and retailers. Working with many of the world’s leading healthcare equipment manufacturers, Wael Pharmacy provides high-quality customer service and support to ensure hospitals achieve maximum product integration and utilization, bringing the modern world of pharmaceutical & medical innovations closer to the healthcare industry of Bahrain. The company employs the best resources without compromising business ethics and values and continues to excel in performance by adhering to their core values; customer satisfaction, satisfaction of existing partners, ethical business policies and building new partnerships.