ARxIUM Launches Pharmacy 4.0 to Meet Growing Demands of Patient Care and Medication Delivery

First-of-its-Kind Initiative Applies Manufacturing and Supply Chain Industry Advancements to Provide Pharmacies with Several Untapped Benefits

WINNIPEG, Manitoba–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ARxIUM, an industry-leading developer of pharmacy automation and workflow solutions, today announced its new Pharmacy 4.0 initiative, an approach that for the first time will make the seamless convergence of clinical pharmacy, central production and automation advancements into cyber-physical systems. Commonly found in automotive and other manufacturing industries, cyber-physical systems in the pharmacy can combine automation and interactive data exchange processes, among other aspects, to monitor and react in real-time to patient care and medication delivery demands.

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ARxIUM Introduces New RIVA Automated IV Compounding System

Company to host RIVA and other system demonstrations at American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Midyear Meeting and Exhibition from December 5 to 8

(WINNIPEG, Manitoba – November 29, 2016) – ARxIUM, an industry-leading developer of pharmacy automation and workflow solutions, today announced the release of its newest RIVA automated IV compounding system. RIVA prepares syringes and IV bags in an aseptic ISO Class 5 environment, which significantly increases patient safety, cost savings and pharmacy productivity.

As the only fully automated IV compounding system on the market today, the new RIVA includes more than 100 additional features and updates, which further distances it from competing systems. The installed features improve RIVA’s overall performance, operability and diagnostics and enhance pharmacy workflow and inventory management.
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ARxIUM Selects Wael Pharmacy as Distributor of RIVA Automated Compounding System in Bahrain

Country’s leading healthcare equipment distributor to market the unmatched IV compounding capabilities of RIVA

(WINNIPEG, Manitoba – July 6, 2016) – ARxIUM, developer of industry-leading pharmacy automation and workflow solutions, today announced it signed an agreement with Wael Pharmacy Company W.L.L. to serve as the distributor of its RIVA automated IV compounding system in Bahrain. RIVA, the only fully automated compounding system on the market today, prepares syringes and IV bags in an aseptic ISO Class 5 environment, which significantly enhances patient safety and increases efficiency.

“Partnering with an industry-leader such as Wael Pharmacy will increase our presence in Bahrain and help meet growing interest in RIVA’s ability to produce accurate, safe medications,” said Dr. Niels Erik Hansen, president and CEO of ARxIUM. “Widely-known for its strong market presence and industry knowledge, the company’s expertise helps create several immediate opportunities for RIVA to display its unmatched IV compounding capabilities and ability to produce a consistently strong return on investment.”

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Compounder robot scores with health systems

At Jackson Health System in Miami, RIVA compounds pediatric medications. At the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington, Ky., RIVA compounds antibiotics and medications used in surgery. The versatile RIVA can produce batches of sterile intravenous (IV) solutions in syringes and bags, or individualized dosages for specific patients.

RIVA is a fully automated system for compounding IV medications, enclosed aseptically in an ISO class 5 environment. So effective is RIVA that the healthcare research firm KLAS has recognized it as the best IV robot for the third year in a row. This recognition was made on the basis of surveys and interviews with healthcare providers and administrators.

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Automating the IV Compounding Process

Automating the IV Compounding Process

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Accuracy and precision are central to ensuring positive outcomes in health care. To minimize the potential for error, it is crucial for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to engage in a relentless pursuit of excellence throughout the medication management process.

Within the quality-driven health care climate, there is no doubt that the bar is set high for pharmacy performance. Thus, it may be surprising that sterile IV compounding, a common but critical pharmacy task that often is perceived to be precise, frequently demonstrates error rates between 5% and 15%.1-3 A study conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (B&W) in Boston found that 12.5% of manually prepared CSPs failed accuracy measurements.4

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ARxIUM’s RIVA Rated Highest Performing IV Robot in Pharmacy Study

Independent Healthcare Research Firm KLAS Reported RIVA Leads in Improving Productivity and Minimizing Medication Spending

WINNIPEG, Manitoba–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RIVA, the fully automated IV compounding system developed by ARxIUM, has been recognized as the highest performing IV robot by independent healthcare research firm KLAS. The rating was announced in its “Pharmacy 2016: Are You Partnered to Reduce Costs?” report, which surveyed hospital executives and pharmacy directors about value-based care initiatives and other topics.

RIVA is ranked highest performing IV robot by healthcare research firm KLAS.


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Automating the Chemo Compounding Process

How is RIVA able to safely and accurately compound chemotherapy medications?

Traditional manual compounding uses graduation marks on syringes and the assumed volume of the diluent bag, and both of these are allowed to have a manufacturing variance that can be as high as 10 percent. Instead of relying upon visual inspection of volume measurements to determine the amount of drug or diluent in the dose, RIVA uses weight-based (gravimetric) methods to check the correct amount of drug and diluent are added to preparation. By weighing the drug vial, syringe and bag before and after fluid is transferred between containers, RIVA is able to precisely determine the accurate amount of drug is contained within the finished dose.  This level of accuracy assurance is not possible with visual inspection or the traditional “pullback” method to ensure the correct drug, diluent, reconstitution and volume transfer were precisely performed during manual compounding.

Also, manual compounding presents risks of introducing viable microorganisms that can cause infection.  This is particularly dangerous for chemotherapy patients who may have impaired immune systems. The two largest contributing factors to viable contamination is the sterility of the compounding environment and human technique while performing compounding. RIVA solves contamination risk problems by removing humans from the sterile manipulation process and enclosing the compounding area in an isolated area that is protected from the external environment by HEPA-filtered air.  In addition, RIVA uses a patented-pulsed, high-intensity ultraviolet light disinfection system to kill viable microorganisms and spores on ports of drug vials and diluent bags.  After disinfection, the ports are exposed only to sterile air to ensure a contaminant-free surface.  Notably, RIVA is the only system on the market with this feature.

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ARxIUM Selects Additional Distributors of IV Compounding System


ARxIUM today announced it has signed agreements with four companies to serve as exclusive distributors of its RIVA automated compounding system in the Asia-Pacific region. RIVA, the only fully automated compounding system on the market today, prepares syringes and IV bags in an aseptic ISO Class 5 environment, which significantly enhances patient safety and increases pharmacy efficiency.
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Repeatability, quality control key to automated compounding

Quality control is fundamental to manufacturing. Ensuring the consistency of inputs (supply chain, inventory, and components), processes and the production environment is essential to repeatability and efficiency.


Quality production is also critical for pharmacy automation devices, and not just the quality of automation systems themselves. As pharmacists increasingly automate various aspects of workflow, automation is turning the pharmacy itself into an environment where manufacturing concepts start to apply.

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