FastPak Elite in your hospital

Posted on December 5, 2017

By KJ Delaney, Application Consultant

The hospital pharmacy can be a home to heightened stress levels, organized chaos, and a symphony of movement. There is rarely downtime to the workflow that is constantly being called to your attention. The phone is ringing, the IVs need to be made, the orders need to be entered, and ultimately, the medications need to be dispensed to your patients. ARxIUM has a solution for you, a tool to lessen your worry. We have the FastPak Elite.

The FastPak Elite is the latest solid oral medication packager offered by ARxIUM. The redesign of both the hardware and software allows you to efficiently and effectively take care of your patients as well as manage your dispensing operations.  Following are some of the features offered and how they will benefit you.

The FastPak Elite offers an industry leading 520 factory calibrated canisters for your solid oral medications. The FastPak Elite can fill your prescription orders to allow your staff members to work on the other day to day items that need to be completed. The FastPak Elite also comes in smaller versions with lower canister capacity but still works the same, across the board. Each canister has an RFID chip, so you will never have to worry about where you can or can’t place a canister. The software tracks where you place a canister and will automatically update the database. The FastPak Elite does not work on just medication canisters alone, the internal medication tray allows you to fill medications NOT in a canister as well. Our detailed reports will guide you in the filling and checking of the trays. We cover all of your solid oral medications in your facility. Let the FastPak Elite fill for you.

The software for the FastPak Elite has been redesigned as well. Instead of having to switch from screen to screen, or program to program, the dispense software gives you a single screen layout to show you your entire batch.  Here you can edit medication, change or view your current package layout, alter how you will dispense your batch, or filter a batch to fill only what you want.  Simplicity through innovation.

Interoperability is success through non compartmentalization or segmentation. The FastPak Elite will interface with not only your pharmacy information system, but also your medication dispensing cabinets. No matter the order type of first dose, cart fill or cabinet replenishment, the FastPak Elite will work for you. The FastPak Elite software will also take the guesswork out of medication fulfillment.  You can select any specific patient, time or medication for cart fill and first dose or select whichever medication dispensing cabinet; the FastPak Elite will work for YOU.

Flexibility is a key to success. In the medical world, it is a mandatory requirement.  The FastPak Elite will offer you the flexibility you need. The package design software will allow you to create a packaged medication pouch with the information you need for not only your patient or nurse, but also your state board or hospital requirements.   The FastPak Elite also offers graphical printing, whether to assist with pass times or to help identify a controlled medication, the FastPak Elite will print any picture on your package. If you are packaging medications for multi-dose packaging, the FastPak Elite is second to none.  The Dynamic Bag feature will help you save money on consumables. The FastPak Elite will determine the best size of bag to package for you.  With the FastPak Elite, you can easily swap your lower packaging unit. Whether it is from a narrow to wide, or having a backup, the FastPak Elite will adapt with you.  Downtime can be combatted by having a backup LPU, which could turn a potential day long outage into a short 20 minute switchover to the backup LPU.  The FastPak Elite will assists with your efficiency.

Innovation, interoperability, and flexibility are the strengths that make  the FastPak Elite a great choice for your hospital setting. In the ever changing medical field, the FastPak Elite will allow you to meet those challenges.

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