Marrying Hardware and Software

By: David Pilkington, Software Developer

DEARLY beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of Geeks, and in the face of these consumers, to join together this Hardware and this Software in peculiar Matrimony; which is a fickle estate, instituted of Developers in the time of man’s inquisitiveness, signifying unto us the mystical union that is betwixt Mechanics and Electronics; which unholy estate Physics concocted and bewildered with its presence, and first marvel that it wrought, in Silicon Valley of California; and is commended of Saint Morley to be honorable among all nerds: and therefore is not by any to be enterprised, nor taken in hand, unadvisedly, lightly, or haphazardly, to satisfy men’s curiosity and sense of achievement, like brute beasts that have no understanding; but reverently, discreetly, advisedly, soberly, and in the fear of accidental dismemberment; duly considering the causes for which Matrimony was ordained.

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Going Global – ARxIUM’s International Journey

By: Irene Wasilewski,  Application Consultant

ARxIUM’s Director of Distribution Sales, Randy Kehler, recently presented to a group of students at the University of Manitoba’s International Management’s class. Mr. Kehler has been travelling the globe setting up distribution networks for ARxIUM’s fully automated IV compounding system, RIVA. The following is a summary of the presentation he provided.

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Pouch Device Optimization

By KJ Delaney, Application Consultant

Being the owner of an ARxIUM pouch packager does have its share of responsibility. You have made an investment into your business of taking care of your patients. However, you will also need to take care of your device. I do understand you are all busy. The phone is ringing. The patients are waiting. The doctor needs to discuss their patient’s treatment. But with these few tips, you will make your machine last and become more efficient. The machine will do the work for you; you just need to help it along.

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I am a machine

By: KJ Delaney, Application Consultant

So starts another day. I think it’s Monday or maybe Tuesday; the days really seem to run together lately. My teammates should be here anytime. I don’t envy them. They have traffic and cheesy morning zoo radio to deal with. Me, I am right where I should be. I am in the pharmacy ready for work. First off, no, I am not a robot. Not really. Not like R2-D2, (I have an autographed photo, he is the best). I am a machine, a tool to help. I am your packager.

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The Great Digital Divide

By: Michael Grzesik, Infrastructure Security Specialist

With the latest disclosure by Yahoo on December 14, 2016 that it lost the information for one BILLION e-mail accounts, I have finally decided that after nearly 20 years, it is time for me to part ways with my beloved Yahoo e-mail address.

This proves to be no small task!  When I put pen to paper, I have a laundry list of e-commerce sites that contain that address.  The ones that I am most worried about involve my credit cards and any site that has a password recovery feature.  If a cybercriminal can get into my e-mail and recover passwords from a website I use, it’s game over.

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How To: Gain Efficiency by Optimizing Your Carousel

By Beth Richter, Pharmacist Consultant

Carousels are ubiquitous in the health system pharmacy space.  Often times, the pharmacy staff will pick more than 85% of all doses from a carousel.  Carousels are the primary engines that drive medication distribution and workflow; pharmacy technicians spend hours in front of a carousel each day.  Their day is divided into buckets of activity: receiving the day’s orders from the wholesaler, processing cart-fills, cabinet-fills, and returns from the floors while staying on top of the STAT and first dose orders that filter in throughout the day.  It’s important to consider why optimizing your carousel(s) will make long-lasting efficiency improvements for all functions performed.

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Measuring Patient Harm in Canadian Hospitals

By: Irene Wasilewski, Application Consultant

Despite health professionals’ focus on safety, a small proportion of patients experience some type of unintended harm as a result of the care they receive. The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) in conjunction with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) recently released a report using 2014/2015 data to measure patient harm in Canadian hospitals. This report provides an overview of the status of these patient safety events in Canada (outside of Quebec) and identifies how the data and associated improvement resources can be used for improvement.

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Why Coders Should Not Be Testers

By: David Pilkington, Software Developer

I’ve been a software developer all my adult life and then some – back to the days when we were called “computer programmers.” In those 35 years I’ve learned a few lessons, and one has definitely been that those who write the software should definitely not be the ones charged with vigorously testing it.

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So you need to move a Data Center?

By Dan Hawkins M.B.A., Director of Information  Technology

Edited by Mike Grzesik, Infrastructure Security Specialist


My team and I just finished up a project that left me exhausted, elated, proud, and much wiser than before we started. We moved a Web-based Data Center application from one Internet hosting provider to another in a 60 hour weekend.  The specifics of what we did, why we did it that way, and what I would have done differently are the learning points that I want to share. Three stages of the project played a major role in our success.  These phases:  Preparation, Move, and Go-Live support draw parallels with terms in the medical field.  Some of you may have been through Pre-OP, Surgery and Recovery.   Whether the patient is human, or a virtualized stack of computers, mass data storage, switches and firewalls doesn’t matter.   The goal for a successful outcome is much the same.

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