ARxIUM Announces Mobile Inventory Management Application for Health System and Hospital Pharmacies

Posted on November 20, 2018

Company to host demonstrations of RxWorks Pro Mobile and other new software features at ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition December 3-5

(WINNIPEG, Manitoba – November 20, 2018) – ARxIUM, a global provider of industry-leading pharmacy automation, workflow and consulting solutions, today announced its newest features for RxWorks Pro, an integrated software platform that automates and manages pharmacies of all types. The software now offers a mobile application and status board feature to improve inventory accuracy and workflow for health system and hospital pharmacies.

The RxWorks Pro Mobile allows pharmacists and technicians to manage inventory throughout the pharmacy footprint instead of being confined to workstations. The application guides the picking of non-automated orders and medications via a standard interface order from the pharmacy system. Whether located in a refrigerator, manual shelf or remote site, pharmacists can easily pick, scan and decrement inventory in real time.

The application also allows users to select one or several locations for picking, print labels, scan product and location/warehouse barcodes, and much more. As a result, it improves safety, inventory management and productivity. At the 2018 American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition in Anaheim, Calif. December 3-5, ARxIUM will demonstrate the mobile application on tablets at booth 901.

“Our mobile feature is a significant achievement and contributes to making RxWorks one of the most comprehensive, sought-after inventory management solutions of its kind,” said Dr. Niels Erik Hansen, president and CEO of ARxIUM. “This breakthrough application and status board is a direct result of closely working with our customers and incorporating their ideas to meet operational objectives. This continued collaboration is exciting and we look forward to creating more industry-leading solutions to meet pharmacists’ needs.”

Mark Lyons, executive director – integrated pharmacy supply chain at UNC Health Care System added, “The RxWorks Mobile solution has helped move us away from error-prone paper processes. By using mobile devices, we have been able to streamline our picking operations and introduce barcoding technology in places that traditionally didn’t have a solution.”

In addition, RxWorks Pro’s status board provides greater visibility to everyone in the pharmacy, as it displays where each medication order resides in the dispensing process. For example, it shows orders waiting at each carousel or manual pick area and it directs pharmacy staff to ready orders. The status board can also be accessed remotely via desktop by pharmacy management and provide critical alerts on items such as STAT and aging orders. This feature increases efficiency and helps pharmacies focus on high priority orders that require filling.

The status board is designed for hospital pharmacies, but is especially useful for high volume, complex pharmacies, such as central shared services centers that support many hospitals, clinics and other facilities. At ASHP, the company will provide demonstrations of the status board and how RxWorks integrates and manages live-tracking of inventory for ARxIUM and other manufacturers’ pharmacy systems.

ASHP attendees can also meet with ARxIUM’s leadership team to discuss the industry-first Pharmacy 4.0 initiative and observe demonstrations of its RIVA IV compounding system, MedSelect Flex automated dispensing cabinet, and the FastPak Elite oral solid medication pouch packager.

About ARxIUM
Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Buffalo Grove, Illinois, ARxIUM is an industry-leading developer of pharmacy automation, workflow and consulting solutions that improve safety, productivity and workflow. The company provides solutions to shared service centers and health system, hospital, long-term care, retail and government pharmacies. ARxIUM is the developer of the only fully automated IV compounding system in the market today, and offers automated packaging, dispensing, vial filling and high volume systems. In addition, the company provides inventory management, scheduling and workflow software, technical consulting, and system implementation assistance, among other services. ARxIUM is also the creator of the Pharmacy 4.0 approach, which seamlessly converges clinical pharmacy, central production and automation advancements into fully automated, interactive data processes. The approach allows pharmacies to better monitor and react in real-time to address patient care and medication delivery demands. For more information, visit

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